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Healthy Home Rhythms & Mothering Arts

Every now and then, I set new goals and re examined my priorities. This is so essential to a smooth schedule, especially as a busy, self employed mama of two.

Part of my planning is creating a “rhythm” to my daily chores, or as Mothering Arts calls it, Home Care. Sometimes the daily requirements of cooking, cleaning, washing laundry, etc. can feel drab, draining and restrictive. Then I think back to the class I took with Kerry Ingram and I remember it doesn’t have to feel that way! Her course, Healthy Home Rhythms, is something I continue to look back and reference, even many years later.

The biggest change I’ve made the past few weeks is to do one load of laundry every single day. In doing this, I no longer have what I call the “laundry monster” (a pile of laundry consisting of at least 10 loads of washed/dried clothes sitting in a corner of my house causing me suffering every time I walk by!) and now I throw in a load at some point in the day, switch it to dry and when I have a break, it only takes me about 10 minutes to get the load all put away. I no longer take loads and loads from my drier and throw it into that sad dreaded corner. It feels so liberating!

When Kerry mentioned that she did a load of laundry every night, my first reaction was, oh hell no. I don’t even want to do laundry one day a week, why on earth would I choose to do it 7 days a week? Well, there is a beauty to her system. By doing one load every day, you stay on top of it and it never gets to be so much that it’s overwhelming. It becomes just another easy rhythm to your day, like brushing teeth or drinking your morning coffee.

There’s so much I could say about the great content in her course (and the price is right at an affordable price of $40! I mean, c'mon!!), but I’ll let you go read about it in her words instead. Check out the Health Home Rhythms course at:

While you’re there, browse through her website and see the many other wonderful offerings she has for mothers in our community and beyond. Every birth and postpartum client I encounter, I send her way. Mothering Arts is the ultimate resource to find support in yourself and your community as you raise your family in this ever changing, fast-paced world.


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