• Amy Heaney

Chiropractic Care

Today I’m preaching about Chiropractic Care!

If you don’t regularly go to the chiropractor already, what’s up? Maybe you’re like I used to be, thinking that going to the chiro meant you were old, had a “bad back” or an injury. Well times have changed, my friends! Chiropractic care is now something for all people to keep them operating at their greatest potential.

I discovered chiropractic care as a doula. Many women complained of aches and pains or of fear of having a breech baby. So I sent them to the chiropractor. And let me tell you, the results my clients have seen have been wonderful.

If you are pregnant or looking for somewhere for your newborn, be sure to check their credentials and find someone that is skilled in these areas with extra training and certificates.

I send all my clients to Acorn Chiropractic Club. Their family friendly environment, specialized chiropractors and affordable member pricing keeps people going back, even when their pregnancy is over. Check them out at They have offices in Petaluma & Santa Rosa with hours that will fit any schedule. You won’t be sorry you went, I promise. :)

Aside from pregnancy/newborn related support, I’ve visited for kinks in my neck (ever wake up “on the wrong side of the bed”?). My husband finds relief from back and leg pain and my kids have gone to help with ear infections as well as realign their bodies after a big fall.

Have you been to a chiropractor? Let me know how they’ve helped and if you have any other favorite places in the area!


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