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Breastfeeding Education

Continuing education is so important, you guys! I love my job and am so grateful that my continuing education is not only informative and beneficial to my clients, but I actually just thoroughly enjoy it as well! I get to spend the afternoon learning and chatting with some of my favorite local doulas.

The latest workshop I attended was to refresh and expand my knowledge to be able to better support breastfeeding. The class was taught by the amazing Rebecca (Plum) Elowen.

The information she gave us that backs the scientific research on the benefits of breastfeeding was just mind-blowing. I had no idea of the significant reduction in breast cancer!! 12-23 months of nursing reduces risk by 66.3%, 24-35 months reduces risk by 87.4%, 36-47 months reduces risk by 94%!!! What the what!! (This is combined nursing years meaning you can add up to these numbers by nursing your multiple children.)

Another area she focused on was tongue ties and faux ties. Wow, the extent of the knowledge she holds on this subject is unreal! I am so grateful to have learned so much on the signs of diagnosing these conditions as well as the resources she provided to help support the baby. If you haven’t learned about craniosacral therapy yet, go check it out!

The last fun fact I’ll share, your baby’s saliva is drawn into the nipple during nursing & analyzed to determine the age, carbohydrates and other factors to change milk within 2 hours to be a perfect combination of what your baby needs at that time! Check out this photo of a mom who pumped her milk before and during her baby fighting an infection. Look at all those antibodies!!!

Crazy cool, huh?

If you’d like to learn more about craniosacral therapy or the classes and offerings that Rebecca has in our community, please check out her website at

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