• Amy Heaney

Acupunture During Pregnancy

Let’s talk acupuncture. Have you tried it? Many of my clients are seeking ways to balance their bodies and support healthy pregnancies as well as address some common symptoms that pop up as they near the birth of their baby.

Here’s what acupuncture at Flourish Integrative Health offers to expecting families!

1st Trimester: Sets the foundation for a healthy pregnancy, ensuring proper nutrition, and health, stabilizing the pregnancy and alleviating morning sickness and some hormonal shift symptoms.

2nd Trimester: Offers relief and balances the body from complaints such as stress, heartburn, sleep problems, elevated blood pressure, weight gain and edema.

3rd Trimester: Prepares the body for labor and delivery, alleviates sciatica, back pain and edema.

If you’re pregnant or hoping to become pregnant soon in the Santa Rosa area, check out their affordable Mama Happy Hour and let me know what you think!

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