Serving women & families in Waco and the surrounding areas

Welcome! As your Doula, I will provide continuous, non-judgmental support for you and your family, in a caring and respectful manner throughout your pregnancy, during your labor and birth and for the first two months postpartum. I engage in my work with warmth, humor, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledgeI will listen to your thoughts and desires, and implement them as much as possible on your journey. I build a bridge to connect you with your medical care team and play the critical roles of educator and supporter, so you and your partner can enter birth with confidence, clarity, and a stronger bond than ever. 

CONTACT ME today to set up a free consultation and see if we are a good fit!

What Are Families Saying About Amy?

"Amy was such an incredible support during my pregnancy and birthing process! She was very informative with helping me know my options as a woman in labor, which helped to ease my overwhelm in structuring my birth plan. When the day finally came for our baby girl to make her debut, I had a great sense of calm and confidence thanks to Amy.

I chose to have a natural birth and let me tell you, it is not easy to stay focused! When the pain started to overwhelm me, Amy helped me bring my focus back to center and remind me of how strong and capable my body is. My husband had a hard time watching me in such great pain and she helped to calm his worries and support him in supporting me. Birth is a team effort and I was so fortunate to have Amy on my team. I am forever grateful for her and I highly recommend her to anyone!"


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